Brand Buzzword

The branding process gives us direction. But, we need more than that. Ultimately, we need to arrive at a destination, one precise enough to achieve our goals and objectives.
At Brandloft, we help our clients turn a general direction into a precise destination through our Brand Buzzword process.
Quite simply, through the Brand Buzzword process, we help our clients distill their brand essence or positioning statement down to one single word. And that’s about as precise as you can get.

1. The Good News?
A sound positioning statement is a great start.

The Not-So-Good News?
By the time a positioning statement is approved by all key constituents, it usually is as complex as the first sentence of the Constitution.

2. The Problem?
Think of a sentence with three prepositional phrases and two sub-clauses. Now give it to a creative team and tell them that’s their direction.  Actually, you probably just sent them in about five directions. The Brand Buzzword process addresses this problem by distilling the positioning statement down to one single word with all key constituents taking part in the process.

3. Here’s How It Works
In the Brand Buzzword process, the positioning statement is the starting point. 
We then hold a structured brainstorming process with all key constituents from the client and agency and brainstorm on three key stimuli: Mirror Brands, Aspirational Brands, Cultural Icons

4. What do all these brands and cultural icons have in common?
Once we’ve identified key commonalities, we then have our “definition” for our brand buzzword.

5. Then we work backwards:
At this stage, science becomes art as we brainstorm as to what individual words fit the definition we’ve developed.

6. Finally, we have it!
Once we “discover” the brand buzzword we now have: a) A very clear and sharp direction for creative development bought into by all key client/agency constituents; and b) a common agreed-upon basis for creative evaluation.